10 Practices That Will Bring You Peace and Joy

1. Find Your Strengths and Live Your Passion – Do what you love. Engage your super powers. Shine in your strengths and let others shine in theirs.

2. Trust Yourself and Live Your Truth – Take everything in through the filter of what is right and true for you.

3. Accept What Is – Change what you can. Let go of what you can’t. Remember that often the most powerful thing you can change is your mind.

4. Be Kind to Your Body – Eat healthy food. Walk. Jog. Swim. Meditate. Dance. Engage in something physical that energizes you. It releases hormones that increase mood and relieve stress.

5. Watch your Thoughts – Turn the volume down on the inner critic. Turn the volume up on the quiet whisper that is your intuition. Be mindful of your thoughts and gentle on yourself.

6. Connect – Make your world more engaging and interesting by connecting with old friends or making a new one. Smile at a stranger. Rest assured you are never alone – there are powerful forces, visible and invisible, that conspire for your success 24/7.

7. Recognize Problems as Opportunities – Problems are life’s indicators to pay attention, learn something, and perhaps change course. It’s simply information. Don’t make it mean something that might hinder you in overcoming it. As Byron Katie so aptly states, “Everything happens for us, not to us.”

8. Relish The Power of Now & The Power of Later – This moment is all we ever have – right here, right now. Make the best of it. If your child is sick and needs your attention, the laundry will still be there tomorrow; keep what you care about most in your line of sight.

9. Practice Gratitude – Notice what you truly appreciate…even if you’re experiencing a rough patch and all you can feel thankful for is the simple fact that you are breathing; it’s always better than the alternative.

10. See the Beauty Around You and the Beauty Within You – Breathe in fresh air. Listen to birds sing. Smell the flowers. Watch the sun set. Feel the kindness and love in your own heart.

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