Amy Williams

I help guide people to take charge of their experience and to create more joy and peace in their life. Most people believe that outside circumstances dictate our lives. I’ve learned otherwise. What I know for sure is when we take charge of our experience, our experience changes. One of my greatest pleasures in life is to coach people through these changes.

We all face challenges and we all confront them in our own unique way. Our strengths and weaknesses can be difficult to accurately assess on our own. It requires a trusted person who can remain unbiased and help us to recognize our tendencies and limiting beliefs. This insight into ourselves allows for a significant change in the habitual ways we approach problems. The result is a new freedom and a release from limitations. If you choose to work with me, you will quickly gain a visibility to your actions and responses to events that will change your life. I am committed to a caring and loving approach to help you achieve this freedom.